Kunda culture concept

The core cultural philosophy of Kunda Technology consists of mission, vision, business philosophy, brand values and core values.

1. Kunda Mission

Kunda mission: to strengthen our motherland and build a century-old foundation for Kunda; help enterprises create wealth and work hard to realize their dreams!

Kunda Technology is committed to integrating more resources, building a larger platform, providing better services, a smart talent team and innovative technology research and development systems. At the same time, Kunda Technology is dedicated to providing employees with a broad development platform to realize their dreams of life. To shoulder the responsibility of the society and promote the sharing and win-win development among social enterprises.

2. Kunda vision

Kunda Vision: To build the first brand of plastic packaging in China!

Kunda Technology fully implements the scientific development road of production automation, product standardization and process standardization, enhances the scale production efficiency, and leads the development of the entire plastic knitting industry. Constantly improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the brand and become a brand recognized by the community.

3, Business philosophy

Business philosophy: based on honesty, market-oriented, talent-based, create value for users, create opportunities for employees, and create benefits for society!

Kunda Technology is a powerful energy body. The company establishes a smooth talent information network, which is market-oriented, backed by high-quality quality and efficient service, and continuously creates and exerts sustainable competitive advantage in the competition. Kunda Technology pursues customer value, pursues employee value, and pursues social value as its goal, and practices the road of styling the first brand!

4, Brand values

Brand values: Careful quality, quality and value! Packing Shijia, bags and bags pass!

Win the market with quality and create value with the market. To meet customer needs, inherit product culture, inherit service culture, inherit management culture, and jointly create a brilliant career in Kunda, passed down from generation to generation, and the foundation is evergreen!

5, Core values

Core values: work together to create, grow together, pursue excellence, and achieve a win-win situation!

In order to achieve a great cause, we need to go hand in hand with our business partners, with common beliefs, conscientiousness, courage, constant pursuit and constant transcendence, to realize value and dream together!


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